Llanidloes – The Arwystli Country, Wales UK – Everything (and more) that you wanted to know about Llanidloes.

Charter Market,Llanidloes – The Saturday Market has been run in the town since 1280 !

Great Oak Foods, Llanidloes – Organic and local food and wine sellers since 2002.

Pencambria – is an independent  magazine devoted to mid-Welsh history, heritage and creative writing.

MWAC – Mid Wales Arts Centre  at Maesmawr near Caersws, interesting house, art gallery and sculpture park.

The Quilt Association – Closely ‘knit’ with the Minerva Arts Centre,Llanidloes, the Quilt Association actively promotes quilting in the local area.

The Wool and Willow Festival – A festival celebrating the best sustainable fibre crafts and textiles in mid-Wales.

Wonder Wool Wales – A festival of Welsh wool and natural fibres (10th anniversary 2015).

Llani Leisure Llanidloes – Your local source for outdoor pursuit equipment.

The Bookshop Band – Formed in late September 2010, The Bookshop Band write songs inspired by books, and play them in bookshops!

Llanidloes Energy Solutions Ltd – a local Charity working to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on the environment, encouraging people to save energy and to convert to renewable, non-polluting sources of energy wherever possible.