Pages of the Sea – On 11 November 2018, communities will gather on beaches across the UK to say goodbye and thank you, to the millions of men and women who left their shores during the war, many never to return. You can also take part online. Browse the images of some who left their shores in our gallery. See their faces and find out who they were. Those from your community, those who shared your name. You can even add your own image of someone from the First World War from your family or community and say a personal goodbye. Share who you’ll be saying goodbye to on social media and invite others to get involved.

Llanidloes – The Arwystli Country, Wales UK – Everything (and more) that you wanted to know about Llanidloes.

Charter Market,Llanidloes – The Saturday Market has been run in the town since 1280 !

Great Oak Foods, Llanidloes – Organic and local food and wine sellers since 2002.

Pencambria – is an independent  magazine devoted to mid-Welsh history, heritage and creative writing.

MWAC – Mid Wales Arts Centre  at Maesmawr near Caersws, interesting house, art gallery and sculpture park.

The Quilt Association – Closely ‘knit’ with the Minerva Arts Centre,Llanidloes, the Quilt Association actively promotes quilting in the local area.

The Wool and Willow Festival – A festival celebrating the best sustainable fibre crafts and textiles in mid-Wales.

Wonder Wool Wales – A festival of Welsh wool and natural fibres (10th anniversary 2015).

Llani Leisure Llanidloes – Your local source for outdoor pursuit equipment.

The Bookshop Band – Formed in late September 2010, The Bookshop Band write songs inspired by books, and play them in bookshops!

Llanidloes Energy Solutions Ltd – a local Charity working to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on the environment, encouraging people to save energy and to convert to renewable, non-polluting sources of energy wherever possible.