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Faux Defoe or Real Defoe

Robinson Crusoe is 300 this year.   Published when Daniel Defoe was probably 59.  The first edition was attributed to “Robinson Crusoe”.

Defoe survived the Great Plague, the Great Fire of London and  owing to being Non-conformist , difficulties in the reigns of James II and of Anne.

I have placed a candle and a goblet of wine,  or is it  ‘robinsonade’…

Why not look at his other works.  Defoe witnessed the Great Storm of  26/27 November 1703. It caused severe damage to English ports, uprooted millions of trees, and killed thousands of people, mostly at sea.   “The Storm” is all about that.

Defoe display in shop window
Cheers, Daniel!


The robinsonade proper  [ might ] contain the following themes:

  • Progress through technology
  • A storyline following the triumphs and the rebuilding of civilisation
  • Economic achievement
  • Unfriendliness of nature